We strive to satisfy all your power needs while ensuring:
• Customized solutions where needed
• Trustworthy performance
• Reliability and Durability
• Consistent delivery terms
• After-sales services

Our diesel-powered generating sets are available in sizes ranging from:
• 7 to 3125 kVA High Speed
• 1900 to 5300 kVA Medium Speed

Our generating sets are manufactured to run on either 50 or 60 Hz frequency, thus meeting the demands of different markets.

They are powered by renowned international diesel engine brands such as: MTU, Cummins, Mitsubishi, and GE.

We also offer customized canopies and container solutions to meet the requirements of our different customers.

Our enclosures are characterized by:
• Modular design
• Robust construction
• High quality painting
• Convenient handling for transportation
• Easy accessibility
• Safety & security highlight
• Superior sound attenuation

Our facilities are designed in a flexible and efficient manner for testing a wide range of products. All our prototypes are subject to intensive testing under different parameters to ensure their reliability before they reach the customer.