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About Us

Founded in 1972 in Lebanon, Sakr Power Generation is a Lebanese company specialized in Power Generation, with a scope of services covering the manufacturing, sales and rental of Power Generating Sets and the implementation of Turnkey Power Projects.


Our production is supervised by a highly specialized team, and our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art computerized machinery programmed to deliver the high quality components needed for all our power generation and distribution systems.

Supply Partners

We pride ourselves with our top of the line supplier brands (Engines, Alternators, Controllers, etc.)

Sister Companies

Find out about our contracting and assembly companies: SPP, CES and MBH.

Design Process

Our engineering department consists of a fully dedicated team of mechanical and electrical engineers experts in developing complete product solutions, using the latest software and hardware to guarantee the reliability of our products in the most difficult applications.

Leadership Team

Get to know the people behind the success of our company.

Help & FAQs

Find out about the most frequently asked questions in our business and their corresponding answers.


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